Canada target to increases immigrants Quota in 2022

Canada target to increases immigrants Quota in 2022

In recent press release by Canada Govt. annouce that to Improve Canadian economy and to fill critical labour market gaps in coming 3 years Canada will welcome 1.5 million migrants.

Under the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024, Canada raises its aim to welcome 432,000 immigrants in 2022. Canada has raised the goal even higher, aiming to welcome 451,000 new immigrants by 2024. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser detailed the reasons for the new levels plan in a recently issued statement. The news was made today about 3:35 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Canada will aim for the following number of new immigrant arrivals over the next three years:

2022: 431,645 permanent residents
2023: 447,055 permanent residents
2024: 451,000 permanent residents

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser recently made a remark that, “This levels plan is a mix of requirements for our country and our international duties.” It focuses on recruiting qualified people who will contribute to the Canadian economy and address the labour deficit, while also acknowledging the value of family reunion and assisting the world’s most vulnerable populations through refugee resettlement. Our focus remains on bolstering our economic comeback by increasing the retention of newcomers in areas facing serious economic, labour, and demographic issues. I’m pleased of what Canada has accomplished so far, and I can’t wait to see how immigrants will continue to make Canada a top option.”

This plan will help increase the attraction and retention of newcomers in regions with acute economic, labour and demographic challenges. It will also increase Francophone immigration outside Quebec, while supporting the successful integration of French-speaking newcomers and strengthening Francophone communities across the country. As part of our Francophone Immigration Strategy, we’re working to reach a target of 4.4% of French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec by 2023.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • overall admissions amounting to 1.14% of the Canadian population by 2024.
  • a long-term focus on economic growth, with nearly 60% of admissions in the Economic Class.
  • help for vulnerable populations, like the special measures for granting permanent residence to refugee claimants working in health care during the pandemic.
  • support for global crises by providing a safe haven through humanitarian immigration to those facing persecution.
  • talent retention of those already in Canada by granting permanent status to temporary residents accepted through the time limited pathways for essential workers launched in spring 2021.

This plan also recognizes the importance of family reunification and helps maintain the 12 month processing standard for spouses and children.

Canada remains firm in its global humanitarian commitments, including the plan to resettle at least 40,000 Afghan nationals over the next 2 years. To date, more than 7,550 Afghan refugees now call Canada home as a result of these efforts. By working with partners in the region, we are using all avenues available to secure safe passage for those in Afghanistan.

The 2022–2024 Immigration Levels Plan will help cement Canada’s place among the world’s top destinations for talent, creating a strong foundation for post-pandemic economic growth while reuniting family members with their loved ones and fulfilling Canada’s humanitarian commitments.