Australia Visa Updates – No Visa Charges for International Students

Australia - No Visa Charges for International Students

Australia Visa Updates - No Visa Charges for International Students

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that international students who arrive in Australia will have their visa rebated at a cost of 630 Australian dollars per student. To fill critical workplace shortages created by COVID-19, Australia will rebate visa application fees for students and backpackers for at least the next three months as the country works.

Morrison confidences that the Australia visa application rebate will inspire international students to return to the country. There are roughly 1.5 Lakh students currently overseas who have an approved visa to come and study in Australia.

The visa rebate initiative will be in place for the next eight weeks and will be organized via the Department of Home Affairs. International students returning to the country will have to be fully vaccinated. Morrison said they will face the same quarantine measures that are required and required by each state. The Australia visa application rebate is part of an initiative to inspire students to return for the start of the university year as a “thank you for choosing Australia.”


Morrison has also optimistic about immigrants who want them to come here and to be filling some of these critical workforce shortages, specifically those who are working and being trained in health care, aged care, those types of sectors, that will be incredibly helpful.